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Sandra Bullock
by Ana Isabel

Some actors fall into their profession by accident. Others have it in the blood. Passionate and fiery Leo is the sign most linked with acting, and acting is Sandra Bullock’s life. 

Sandra’s links with the theatre run deep. Her father was a US army employee and a part-time voice coach and her mother was an opera singer and voice teacher. Sandra’s Moon is in the 9th house of travel – the Moon describing her relationship with her mother. Sandra’s parents met in Germany while her father was stationed there, and Sandra spent her first twelve years in Germany. She now holds dual American and German citizenship. Emigrating or living temporarily in a foreign country is  common among those with the Moon in the 9th house. Additionally, the Moon in Aquarius suggests an unusual mother or unusual upbringing. and Sandra’s Gemini ascendant describes a childhood in which adaptability and flexibility are needed. 

Sandra’s Moon in Aquarius is also linked to Neptune (planet of music and fantasy) showing that the worlds of theatre, music and imagination played an important part in her childhood. Sandra often followed her mother on her opera tours and sometimes had small parts in these productions. This moving around is consistent with the Moon in Aquarius and her Gemini ascendant.

The link between the Moon and Neptune also suggests a compassionate nature. She is a strong supporter of the American Red Cross and has donated $1 million to them on a number of occasions, including the $1 million she donated to relief efforts in Haiti following the 2010 earthquake.

Neptune is in the 5th house, which is the part of the chart linked with creativity and children. The way in which she expresses her creativity is obvious in her career, but there is more to this 5th house Neptune. Neptune shows us where our compassion and empathy lie. When it’s in the 5th house, odds are that there’s a soft spot for children. While married to Jesse James, Sandra supported him in his custody battle with his ex-wife over his daughter. They won the battle and later decided to adopt a child. The adoption process continued despite their subsequent divorce and she continued the adoption as a single parent. 

The Sun in Sandra’s chart is in the 2nd house. This is a house associated with money and possessions. People with the Sun in this house often need financial independence in order to feel a sense of self-worth. Making money is important to them and they are good at it. This does not mean that they are selfish or greedy, merely that they understand that in order to have security and influence in the world, money matters. Sandra runs her own production company, Fortis Films. She also started her own restaurant and has another business, an upmarket bakery, restaurant and flower shop that also offering services such as event planning. The 2012 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records lists her as the highest paid actress in the world ($56 million). 

With a string of BAFTA and Academy awards, Sandra Bullock was born to be an actress. Her repertoire is varied and she is destined to entertain us for many years to come.

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