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Find Your Inner Voice
by Pavilou Landraagon
How many of us really pay attention to our own voice, the essence of our own personal sound? Yet we continually respond to the voices of others, whether a public speaker or someone on the street. Think of the a busy playground - imagine the celebration children have in own voices. At some point, most of us lose that joy, and with it, we lose part of our own inner essence.

Our voices resound a unique inner expression, and vibrate a personal song. In Eastern spirituality, we connect to the divine (among other ways) through mantra. In the Western mindset, it`s said that in the beginning was the word, and the word was God.

No matter what spiritual tradition you connect with, connecting with your voice is a powerful tool. Sound focuses the mind, and using the voice in affirmative ways sends positive messages to the subconscious mind. Being afraid or ashamed of your voice, in the same way, sends strong negative messages.

A healthy vocal practice doesn`t require lessons or elaborate reading. It`s as simple as consciously taking pride and pleasure in the sound of your voice. Allow your highest potential, the best ideals you have for yourself, to vibrate within the words you speak. Use your voice boldly, but kindly, and don`t be afraid to sing. Singing releases powerful, natural chemicals that build self-confidence, regardless of whether or not your singing voice is conventionally beautiful. Your voice, like you, is unique. Accepting it the way it is, and using it consciously, is one of the simplest, most effective spiritual tools you can use.

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