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Many psychics have the ability to communicate with animals, whether in the world of the living or the world of Spirit. This psychic skill involves working with Spirit guides to tune into animals. The animal and the pet medium will then communicate spirit to spirit, mind to mind, and just like any reading this can be done very effectively on the phone.
How can Pet Mediums help?
  • If your animal has a problem and the vet can't find it, a pet medium may be able to provide insight into it's source.
  • Assisting with spiritual energy transmission for healing.
  • If your pet is missing, our psychics may be able to help. They can often give places, names and even timings.
  • If your pet has passed over and you wish to connect with it, a pet medium can usually communicate with them for you.
  • They can help you develop confidence in your own gifts and ability to communicate with your pets.
Whatever your pet or animal related problem is, why not try contacting one of our pet mediums? They may be able to give you the insight you need.
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Connect with Your Pet
Are Animals Psychic?
Call a Pet Medium today on 0800 422 0423
Pampered pooch or fantastic feline - many of us are blessed by sharing our lives with a special and companionable pet, and it really is no coincidence that we have developed such a kinship. Here’s a little background on exactly how.
The dog is the animal which has endured longest as a pet and they have many traditions and fables attached to them. Traditionally dogs were associated with the crossing point between worlds, so they were often the companions of the Gods associated with death, such as Hecate. Equally, they were believed to guide and care for the souls of the dead as they passed into the other world.
Mythical dogs were also said to protect the living, for example, in Somerset, in the UK, folklore recounts the story of The Gurt Dog ("Great Dog") a magical canine which protected children who were playing on the nearby Quantock Hills. It also accompanied travelers; acting as a protector and guide. Reflecting the friendly nature of dogs, in Scotland, it was believed that a strange dog coming to the house meant a new friendship was on the way. Dogs also symbolized the wind and the harvest which chased away famine. This developed more fully in the legend of the Cynocephalus - dog headed man who chased away demons.
Another ancient custom claimed that if someone was bitten by a dog they should take a hair from the creature’s coat and lay it on the wound which would then be cured. This may sound rather fanciful, yet the modern notion of “the hair of the dog” as a hangover cure, is a folk-memory from these past times, which is still alive and kicking in the here and now with all its might!
Cats have been with us nearly as long as dogs, the Ancient Egyptians adored cats and they were sacred to no less than three Goddesses; Set, Isis and Bast. In 950 BC Bast became a national deity as well as being the Goddess of joy, dancing and music. In Japan, Maneki Neko, or “good luck cat,” is a beckoning feline that is said to bring good fortune and is very much part of the nation’s culture. It is believed to invite wealth, so piggy banks are often created in the shape of the Maneki Neko. The country is still festooned with images and models of Maneki Neko at every turn.
Like dogs, cats have been associated with the weather, and it was said that if a cat sat with its tail towards the fire the weather would change, if it lay with its forehead on the floor or washed behind its ears, rain was likely, whilst if it chased its tail you should expect a storm! Black cats have a large number of legends surrounding them, originally they seem to have been seen as being unlucky but this was later reversed, so today should you meet a jet black puss on your travels, or if they cross your path, good fortune is likely to follow. Similarly, if you are getting married and a cat deigns to turn up at your wedding, the union should be a highly fortunate one!
When it comes to our four legged friends, science agrees with tradition that having a companion animal can benefit our mental and physical health, so in one way or another connecting with our pets really can bring us good luck. And of course some of us can bond more closely with our loyal furry friend, than we can with often fallible humans! But a well loved pet, looking at us with beautifully trusting eyes, is indeed, a richly rewarding experience for both us and for them!
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Pet Mediums
Are Animals Psychic?
Call a Pet Medium today on 0800 422 0423
Animals have energy fields similar to humans; they have an electromagnetic body and astral body and chakras, they have personality and memory. When they come in to your life it takes time to get to know each other. What does this mean in energetic terms?
Your energetic fields need time to connect and pass information back and forth so that you become familiar with each other’s vibrations. Over time you build a strong energetic connection, so that you can read them and they can read you! So are pets psychic? Yes, very much so. They are as much a part of your psychic field as the rest of your family!
Have you ever wondered how your pet knows what you are saying to them, or how are they know someone is coming home? Pets can sense peoples' energies from afar. Even better - they can tell the weather, because they do not ‘think’ the way we do. Animals do not get in their own way - they are connected to the Earth’s field in a more directly conscious way, enabling them to read the weather or know when danger in lurking. Have you noticed your cat staring into space and wonder why? They could be looking at Spirit!
Animals do not use our word language to communicate, but they pick up the vibrations of human feelings, the images connected to thoughts and the tone connected to a word or phrase used to address them. Some people only have to think of the food bowl or the walking lead and the dog is at their feet! Some cats love meditation and sit near their owners whenever they meditate.
Animals are amazing healers too. Many animals are used in hospitals, care homes and in special learning units to help people overcome all kinds of problems, particularly emotional ones. If you say nothing and are feeling sad, notice how they come around to comfort you. If you or one of your family is unwell, notice how they sit beside you or attend to the hurt, keep you warm, guard your or cleanse you. The signs that animals are psychic are all around us.
Pets Passing Over
As many pets are long lived, there is a huge sense of loss when they pass over. This occurs on physical, emotional and mental levels. They are sorely missed, and it takes time to properly grieve for them, just as you would for another loved one. You have to slowly allow their field and yours to separate.
Pets have Souls, and their life essence passes into Spirit in similar ways to humans. I know this to be so from my own many experiences of seeing animals in Spirit around their owner, who is in Spirit too! Often I see specific dogs running around someone’s feet or lying on a rug, cats draped over owners’ shoulders or arms, or curled up on their favourite chair. I have seen the bird on the shoulder or tweeting away in a cage next to them. I have even seen the farmyard and heard the clucking of the hens. If they were in someone's physical life, they can follow them into Spirit too.
Become an Animal Whisperer
Our pets are always connecting with us psychically. You can tune in to them too! You can do this by mentally and emotionally opening to them. Some animals do not like you to look them in the eye. Some respond to touch right away and others do not. The best way to connect is to be open and sensitive to their being. This way you are using thought, image and emotional feeling to open a connection.
One method is to sit with your pet for a moment and imagine that your energy field, a container of warm white light, embracing your pet's energy container. Just be with them a moment. Say ‘hello’ mentally and smile within. Ask them to say hello to you in their language and observe any thoughts or pictures or emotions that pop in, seemingly unrelated to your own thought patterns. Continue this communication, keeping everything very simple. Over time this connection will move beyond physical sounds or touch, and you will learn their language. Want to develop this connection deeply and quickly? Why not have a training session with one of our pet medium psychics?
More about Psychic Pets
Pet Mediums
Connect with Your Pet
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