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Daily News06-06-2010
Soccer Sorcery

World Cup fever is at fever pitch right now, nowhere more so than in the host continent of Africa.
And in some quarters the interest in football runs parallel with a culture which is steeped in esoteric traditions.

Take for instance the host nation South Africa, where there has been some concern security wise around this mega footie festival. A South African newspaper report has claimed there is an 80 percent chance`of a terrorist attack between the 11th of June and the 11th of July (the tournament`s length) however, not everyone is so downbeat.

According to a Zulu witch-doctor, Sebenzile Nsukwini, the World Cup will be a great success. Sebenzile has taken the auguries and said...

Look, the trouble is far, far away. No bombs.

This combination of sport and magic is not uncommon in Africa, where mysticism and magic play a major part in people`s lives. In South Africa sport psychics have also been a regular fixture on the team sheet. These sporting shamans communicate with the dead to determine a player`s fortunes and discover if a touch of sympathetic magic and traditional `muti` potion could help the team win matches.

Similarly, in the West African country of the Ivory Coast, fans have been going to juju priests and a charmed grove near the capital of Yamoussoukro in the hope that sorcery will help their soccer side shine. Gnahouleou Emile, President of the national side`s supporters` club, commented on the lengths their fans are willing to take to boost their team`s chances...

We are visiting our sacred forest two or three times a week to support the fight.

In Nigeria, psychic John Adatiri has gone a stage further and has used his skills to predict which team will hold the World Cup high this year. John thinks that...

Nigeria go play quarter final. Brazil go win. (Sic)

By July 11th, the world will know if he has scored a stunning goal with his prediction, or if fate has handed him a red card. With the rate the major nations are losing key players to injuries, perhaps an upset IS on the cards! And with Jupiter and Uranus conjunct, do expect lots of unexpected twists and turns.

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