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Daily News09-06-2010
SJP - Sex and the City 2
Sarah Jessica Parker, renowned American actress and film producer, is back in the spotlight with the much vaunted, Sex and the City 2, a sequel hot on the "Manolo Blahnik" heels of the first! Sarah, best known for her role as newspaper journalist Carrie Bradshaw, a role which gained her four Golden Globes and two Emmy`s, was born an Aries in Ohio. Being one of eight siblings, she soon learned to use her feisty Sun to push ahead, backed up by Mercury and Venus, also located in the pioneering Aries. Mercury rules communication, so for many performers, acting is a means of expressing themselves, while being placed in quick-thinking Aries, her determined mind is a key asset for show-business. Sarah found her life`s work at a young age, landing a Broadway role at eleven in `The Innocents`. Her Capricorn Natal Moon is not so innocent, being placed in a disciplined and earthly sign which has instilled an inner need for financial security, one that is likely to make SJP an astute business woman. This has also helped to keep her impetuous Aries placed planets, more grounded. Women with Venus in Aries are known to be "assertive" in pursuing their hearts desires and with hers being opposite the Natal Pluto, this can lead to very intense interrelations. And whilst Sarah`s Uranus and Mars locations can give her strength and endurance in her work, this planetary collective may cause problematic restrictions in her personal relationships, as alleged with previous partner, the actor Robert Downing Jr. Now though she has married another Aries, actor, Matthew Broderick, with whom she has one son, along with twin daughters born to a surrogate mother in 2009. Transiting Pluto was conjunct her Natal Moon when this unfolded which may be linked to her issues with conception. However, the couple also have matching Venus`s, a wonderful link and one that is unlikely to lack passion or devotion. Sex and the City 2 has not however, received such critical acclaim as the first blockbuster. That SJP has the strict and repressive transiting Saturn opposing her natal Venus has not lent help and this may be the last viewing we see of `Girls who just want to have fun`. Yet it certainly will not be the end of our sweet Jessica, as her `Endless` perfumes are sure to keeping her finances sweet, and ensure she comes up smelling just `Lovely`!
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