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Daily News23-05-2010
Ronan announces separation...
Irish `Boyzone` band member, Ronan Keating, has announced that he and his wife, ex-model Yvonne, have separated. Keating, the lead singer of music impresarios Louis Walsh`s original `Boy-Band` is alleged to have wept, as he confessed to the mother of his three children, about another relationship.

The couple married on Jupiter`s last return to Piscean Ronan`s Sun, in 1998, but the current transit of this fortune bringing planet, has not this time brought such favourable events. Why? Jupiter is expansive and combined with the deceptive and murky energies of Neptune, can see hard to control excesses and escapism.

The untimely story comes when a six month family relocation `Down Under` in Australia was planned, after Keating`s role as a judge on Australias `X Factor`. The positive side of this Jupiter transit was a boost to his musicality, whilst Jupiter can also symbolise foreign travel and legal matters, such as judging. However, a boomerang has been thrown in the works, with this news.

Was this Jupiter transit enough to make Ronan stray from what appeared a perfect marriage? It seems pleasure-seeking Jupiter on Ronan`s Sun certainly sent him looking for the `joy-zone` but added to this he had transiting Mars (ego) conjunct his Leo Moon (family, home, emotions) and challenging his Natal Mars. On a superficial level Mars` sexual energy with the Moon`s more feminine association, may be a clue.

On a deeper level, these planets may have left him with an undefined anger towards the world in general. Old emotional debris may have been stirred and of course the recent sudden death of fellow band member Steven Gatley, must have been a huge and telling shock.

Furthermore, his progressed Sun/Pluto opposition has accentuated unconscious sorrows, and this is an aspect which can cause a volcanic release of bubbling sexual and ego energies in the charts of those it touches.

However, with Ronan`s Libran North Node placement close to Pluto, he may be continually tested through relationships, experiencing both complete ends and beginnings. As he deals with this eruption`s aftermath, initially, this songbird may be muted.
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