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Daily News09-08-2010
Robbie Williams weds Ayda Field, but are they compatible?
International music star Robbie Williams has married his partner of three years, American actress and model Ayda Field. Williams has had a meteoric if sometimes turbulent career, so is this a sign that he is finally settling down into a new chapter in his life and if so, has he picked the right partner astrologically?

Williams was born on 13th February 1974, making him an Aquarius born in the Chinese year of the Tiger. Field is a Taurus born in the year of the Sheep and three years his junior. Aquarians are renown for their love of fun and carefree approach to life, but beneath the surface there is a tenacity and stubbornness that often surprises those around them, particularly when it comes to a matter of principle. Combine that with Taurus`s legendary stubbornness and the two could find themselves locking horns in a real battle of wills if they don`t agree. However, Sheep tend to nurture a desire in others to care for them, giving a fiery Tiger like Williams a stability that his restless spirit has been seeking for years. Trust is vitally important to both Taureans and Aquarians, and after three years together already, it seems that trust is the foundation of their relationship. While there could be fireworks if the two disagree on a point of principle, indications are that they are a good match for one another astrologically.
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