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Daily News09-05-2011
Nick Frost - from funnyman to serious actor
British actor Nick Frost, best known for his comedy partnerships with Simon Pegg and roles in films such as Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, has spoken about his desire to take on more serious roles in the future. Frost has said that he wants to be taken out of his comedy `comfort zone`. "I`ve always been funny as a kid, so it`s not a challenge to me to be funny. It`s the other stuff that`s difficult, so I like to challenge myself." So does Frost have what it takes to be the straight man for a change, and what do his stars say about his desire to constantly challenge himself?

Frost was born on March 28th 1972, making him an Aries born in the Chinese year of the Rat. Rats are well known for their friendly, open nature and for having a very easy going and fun loving personality. However, there is also a more serious side to Rats, who are devoted to their families and friends, which would explain Frost`s long-term partnership with Simon Pegg. Rats are also inquisitive creatures, constantly wondering what`s around the next corner and always willing to try something new and exciting. It is this willingness to grow as a person by constantly challenging those `comfort zone` boundaries that makes Rats achievers and proactive, rather than passive and satisfied with what they know. With his Aries determination to scale new heights combined with this forward looking Rat personality, Frost will throw himself wholeheartedly into any project - and probably surprise those who had him pegged as `just another comedic actor` by succeeding in more challenging, serious roles.
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