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Daily News28-07-2010
Lily Allen
After conspicuously refraining from cigarettes and alcohol at the recent Wireless festival, speculation is rife as to whether or not pop singer Lily Allen is pregnant. She is obviously aware of the rumours but, so far, has failed to confirm or deny whether they are true or not. Do her stars hint at a possible birth?

Lily Allen is a typical Taurean. She is slow to temper and prefers to take stock of the bigger picture, rather than rush into things. However, once she is riled, she isn`t afraid of charging with horns at the ready. A number of photographers have fallen foul when the red mist has descended in the past.

Currently, Venus is featuring strongly in Taurus. As well as governing the romantic side of Lily`s nature, Venus has a strong bearing on other aspects of her life such as communication, personal advancement and stress. The position of Venus suggests that Lily should avoid stressful business situations, be careful of entering scenarios that will result in high emotion and pay extra attention to her physical well being. The forthcoming solar eclipse also heralds a new beginning for Taureans, where old habits and routines will be swept away in favour of those that are part of a greater purpose. While Lily has yet to break the news, the stars seem to indicate that within a few months, she will have something to smile about!!
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