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Daily News22-06-2010
Legendary actress Meryl Streep...
Legendary actress Meryl Streep, continues to remain at the top of her game, with a prolific acting career and a string of accolades, keeping her quite literally "Streep`s" ahead. And today, the 22nd of June, is her birthday. Meryl first caught the acting bug as a student and upon graduation she enrolled in the Yale School of Drama. Since then she has not looked back, with two Academy Awards and an astonishing sixteen Academy Award nominations. However, it is not only luck which makes Streep one of the few Hollywood actresses who continues to sustain a successful long-term acting career, as well as longstanding marriage. This longevity has much to do with her Moon in the steady Taurus, giving her the determination and persistence to stick in for the long-haul along with giving her enhanced artistic abilities, due to a mutual receptivity between her Taurus Moon and Venus in Cancer, a combination often seen in talented actors and musicians. While her Saturn in Virgo, means she has been able to hone her craft to perfection, meticulously preparing roles, and allowing her to churn out many highly acclaimed performances in great films including `Out of Africa` and `A Cry in the Dark`. Ironically, this Saturn placement can at times affect her self-worth, as reserved Virgo is connected to the restrictive Saturn. Therefore, this can force her to work hard to please audiences in order to feel worthy, as well as making her choose challenging roles. With the transformative Pluto in Leo on her Ascendant, and her Sun in Cancer close to Uranus, Streep is up for the challenge, thriving on constant change and the unexpected, making an actresses` life perfect for her. Nominated for her first Oscar for the acclaimed film `The Deer Hunter` when Saturn and Venus were conjunct her Ascendant, she did not win her first award until her Saturn return, for her performance in `Kramer Vs Kramer`, followed by a further for Sophie`s Choice. Yet now it seems `Meryl`s choice is to take on more light hearted parts, with roles in musical film `Mamma Mia and romantic comedy `It`s Complicated`, suggesting this Winner really can take it all on!
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