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Daily News17-06-2010
Jupiter Conjunct Uranus in Aries...
When man first walked on the Moon, the impossible became possible. However, this unbelievable breakthrough occurred under a Jupiter and Uranus conjunction. Why might this be so? Well, when the expansive, travel orientated Jupiter and the groundbreaking, but shocking Uranus travel together or side by side, it signifies a time of new beginnings, heralding a revolutionary period, where once again anything seems possible. Under the auspices of Aries, this influence is pumped up to max and through to mid-August can be a rollercoaster time. A meeting of these two manifests a new cycle of events and their combined energies promise great scientific advances and new breakthroughs - glimpsed already in the recent creation of synthetic bacteria, and stories of other planet`s life existence. Since its first discovery, Uranus has allowed outworn structures to be eliminated, characteristically for the betterment of humanity. Lost freedoms can be regained, explaining why many rebellious revolutions and uprisings occur under its influence, seeming unreal or frightening at the time, but in retrospect marking a new chapter in universal growth. Jupiter brings a certain vastness to the party, making events take place on a grand scale, while its fortuitous nature makes the conjunction beneficial. Past conjunctions of these planets have seen innovative, unconventional events, including supersonic jet Concorde`s first flight and the greater accessibility of international journeying - as Uranus is synonymous with flight and Jupiter with travel. Whilst the conjunction in 1997, saw the rise of wireless technology, because of the duo`s connection to electromagnetic energy. However, it is important not to forget the role of potential `party pooper` Pluto, now making a discordant angle to this conjunction. Pluto has occupied, full time, the serious zodiac sign of Capricorn since late 1998. This period has of course coincided with the downturn in the financial markets, which this and many other astrologers had predicted in advance. Because Capricorn is ruled by the sombre Saturn you can see that this is not a combination to be dismissive of, for it can certainly dampen any equation. Although, positively it scrutinises, resurfacing previous underhand issues, forcing their death or rebirth and eventual evolvement. Pluto in this location can also bring great power to bear and ironically President Obama has now cancelled the next phase of space flight, seeing the need to conserve and not be frivolous with resources. Yet despite this with the wonderful Jupiter and Uranus totally unfettered in go-getting Aries, and new teleportation techniques should emerge, micro-chipping become commonplace, and perhaps even telepathic technology. While outdated ideas like nuclear power will probably decline, and natural energies will thrive. We have already seen political groups forming new alliances, and with Pluto`s involvement, decision-making is back in the public domain. Negatively however, global catastrophes like earthquakes and universal storms are highlighted and in the wrong hands, power can be used incredibly destructively, as we have recently and currently see in the Middle East. On a personal level, this conjunction encourages us to be more risk taking, letting go of the past. However, some will resist this leap of consciousness. Although, generally this formation signifies a great time to initiate inventive ideas. However, change for changes sake may not be sustained due to Pluto`s more traditional and conventional energies in Capricorn, which can be like a strict school teacher, reminding the world that however smart we are with our math, we still need to turn up for school on time. So, inspiration needs to be matched by workability!
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