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Daily News05-01-2011
`Hasta la vista` for California Governor Schwarzenegger - so what next?
Hollywood actor and Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger has stepped down from political office after seven years in charge of one of America`s most influential states. Often controversial and sometimes derided as being in the job purely for the publicity, Schwarzenegger has always been flamboyant and passionate about his term as Governor. So what`s next for the Terminator?

Schwarzenegger was born on July 30th 1947, making him a Leo born in the Chinese year of the Boar. It seems fitting that the former Mr Universe who is probably better known for his physique rather than his acting abilities has two such strong signs governing his zodiac. But Schwarzenegger isn`t all brawn and no brains. Both Boars and Lions may be a powerful physical presence, but they are also gifted with a shrewd and calculating mind, which Schwarzenegger has utilised fully. He has shown on several occasions the Boar`s tendency to speak or act before thinking and he can be impulsive and even intimidating. But underneath this larger than life exterior is a man who cares about the people around him and he has served the people of California well for seven years. It is unlikely that he will now just slip quietly into retirement and in keeping with his brash exterior, expect to see Arnie back on our movie screens very soon - perhaps not as the Terminator but in more thoughtful roles that will prove he`s not just all muscle and no substance.
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