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Daily News17-05-2010
Happy Birthday Universe!

Did you know the Universe is a Taurus?
Well according to Johannes Kepler the Universe was created on the 27th of April 4978 BC, although Kepler did not stipulate what time, perhaps if he`d had a calculator handyhe might have worked that out too!

So who was Kepler? He was born in Germany on the27th ofDecember in1571 and died on the15th ofNovember 1630. As a university student, he studied Copernicus` work on the Solar system. Copernicus believed that the Sun was the centre of the Solar system - which was aneccentric notion at the time, when people believed that the Earth wasit.

In 1600, Kepler went to Prague to work for Tycho Brahe. Kepler`s main project there was to investigate the orbit of Mars. Nine years later Kepler published the first two of his three laws of planetary motion, which claimed that the planets move around the Sun in ellipses, and speed up as they get nearer the Sun and then slow down as they move away.

In 1619, he produced his third law, which used mathematical principles to work out the time a planet takes to orbit the Sun to discover the average distance of the planet from the Sun.

Kepler`s theories took a while to catch on, but eventually and after his death, he influenced Sir Isaac Newtons work on the law of gravitational force. And Kepler was far from a one trick pony, as he also did important work in the fields of optics and biology including discovering how the human eye works.

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