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Daily News02-09-2012
Guy Garvey - harking back to the past?
Elbow`s lead singer Guy Garvey has said he is starting a new record label dedicated solely to producing vinyl EPs to revive the format. The singer said that he was inspired by EPs of the past and would be challenging fellow artists to try out the multi-track format. Each EP - which also comes with a free download code - will have four tracks, where one must be an instrumental and another should contain spoken word. But in a digital age, is Garvey simply harking back to the past for nostalgic reasons, or does his dedication to the vinyl format have potential? And what do his stars tell us about him?

Garvey was born on April 27th 1974, making him a Taurus born in the Chinese year of the Tiger. Taureans are often regarded as traditionalist who love order, calm and can stubbornly refuse to move with the times. So is this the case with Garvey? Has he become entrenched in a stubborn Taurean streak that blinds him to the future of music formats? Perhaps not. Taureans are also often innovators, seeing opportunities where others don`t, and they are also very astute business people. Many of the world`s greatest entrepreneurs are Taureans, and far from being stuck in the slow lane, Bulls often charge ahead with new ideas that can develop into extraordinary business empires. In this instance, Garvey is being true to his Taurean instincts - looking back at the past to develop something new and exciting. If the venture pays off it could create a very interesting and potentially profitable niche market for this smart musician.
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