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Daily News09-08-2010
Elena Kagan sworn in as the latest US High Court judge
Amid a sea of controversy, Elena Kagan has been sworn in as the US High Court`s latest Supreme Court Judge. The 50 year old becomes the youngest member of the office of Supreme Court circuit, and will take her place alongside her colleagues on 1st October.

Kagan was born on April 28th 1960, making her a Taurean born in the Chinese year of the Rat. Taureans are often to be found in positions of authority, and their solid, dependable and intensely honourable personalities make them ideal candidates for public office. Combined with the gregarious nature of Rats, who love to know about the people around them and make friends easily, it seems that Kagan`s elevation to such a lofty position of power was inevitable. But there are worries that her liberal ideals could send shockwaves through the establishment, and observers are worried that her Taurean nature could come to the fore as she approaches controversial issues like the proverbial bull in a china shop. As long as she tempers this Taurean tenacity with her Rat qualities of openness and genuine concern for those around her, her tenure as a Supreme Court Judge could be one that heralds a renewed sense of trust in the judiciary and propels Kagan`s popularity forward.
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