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Daily News30-08-2010
Eccentric Britney...
American pop sensation, Britney Spears, has soared to the very top of the world`s most followed ranks on Twitter, with 4,959,532 people regularly keeping `abreast` of her latest happenings. In second place, by the way, is Ashton Kutcher, on a paltry 4,949,677!

Britney has also said that she wants her body to be frozen and brought back to life `Baby one more time` so she can tour in racy outfits! If this is a no-go she wishes her ashes to be turned into one large diamond, so she can sparkle forever. So, let`s take a look around the astrological foundations of Britney`s Natal Horoscope

Britney was born in Mississippi, with a cluster of planets in Sagittarius including the Sun, Mercury and Uranus, as well as an Aquarian Moon. Britney is forever reaching out to abolish outworn beliefs, but sometimes her moves are dampened by a highly strung and nervous disposition, which suggests that her sudden impulses are not always in her own best interests. To both Sagittarian`s and Aquarian`s, freedom and independence are cherished. And this blend certainly lends itself to Britney`s one-off persona.

This trio sign Sagittarian will also hate to go unnoticed, and therefore thrive on the limelight. Britney also has Mars Squaring Neptune. This can cause confusion and see people with this aspect unclear about their own motivations. Yet when focused on her work and ideals her creativity is undoubtedly unique. Her Aquarian Moon is also the placement of the natural humanitarian, but also with some personal detachment.

Britney has sold over 85 million albums worldwide, and is ranked the No 8 best selling female artist in the USA and has also garnered a prestigious Grammy award. Britney also has a Star on Hollywood`s famous walk of fame. In the early 2000`s, Spears` success as a singer led to high profile advertising deals and endorsements, and then into film and reality television.

Britney has definitely had one or two close shaves in the past few years, but should she freeze her assets? Well, she`s certainly not short of the money to get people to investigate the possibility for her- that`s for sure!
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