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Daily News27-09-2012
Couple tries extortion on Stevie Wonder
A couple who tried to extort millions of dollars from Stevie Wonder have pleaded no contest and been sentenced to 292 days in prison in Los Angeles. Alpha Walker and his girlfriend Tamara Diaz were accused of making a video that was described by police as an 80-minute rant against the legendary soul singer. It was said to feature the dilapidated home of Wonder`s dead mother and to show Wonder`s son, of whom the musician is protective. Wonder was reportedly prepared to pay the couple off because he was worried the video they made would embarrass his family. However, throughout the trial he has remained stoically silent. So is this a demonstration of Wonder`s devotion to protecting his family by keeping them out of the media spotlight? And what do his stars tell us about him?

Wonder was born on May 13th 1950, making him a Taurus born in the Chinese year of the Tiger. Those born under the sign of the Bull are often very slow to anger, but one thing that can make a Bull stampede is any threat to their loved ones. Bulls will protect the honour and name of their family with every ounce of their strength, and in Wonder`s case the fierceome Tiger aspect would also make it inadvisable to come between the man and his family. However, Taureans are also good tacticians, and by staying silent on the matter Wonder has skilfully kept the spotlight away from his family, protecting them far more than if he had given the case more gravitas by commenting.
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