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Daily News17-05-2010
A New Prime Minister...

David Cameron is the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.
Born on the 9th of October 1966, a Sun Libra, Mr Cameron is the youngest Prime Minister for 200 years.

A notable thing about Mr Cameron`s Natal or Birth chart is the amount of Leo planets contained in it, particularly with Mars, which people in public positions or careers, often have. This amount of Leo often confers on subjects, a lot of natural charisma or stage presence. Transiting Mars is also close by, giving his personal standing a further robustness.

Yet, Neptune, the planet of dreams and more negatively deception, is directly opposite Mars and this is has the potential to be not at all helpful, suggesting that there probably will be a lot of subtle opposition to this Prime Minister or his administration willbe undermined by a swirling mist of uncertainty. His personal drive or hopes may be diminished by the need to compromise so much in the coalition government. Then again, Neptune can be a force for good, giving him a greater recognition of social equality and paternalism.

However, from a personal viewpoint, Transiting Saturn, the planet of responsibility and power, is also absolutely Conjunct his North Node, suggesting a karmic element to his ascension to this role. The silky diplomacy of a Libra Venus, will also help him to have an inclusive management style.

His first speech as Prime Minister, outside of Number 10 Downing Street, also emphasized that there was a lot of work to do. There was a complete lack of hubris or self-congratulation. He carefully outlined his aims, which was to combine strong fiscal management and tough decisions, with caring for the vulnerable. He was also explicitly inclusive of his partner`s, the Liberal Democrats.

The context of this first speech was much in keeping with the combination of the transiting Jupiter (justice, the law, hopes, expansion) in its home zone of Pisces (compassion, working for the greater good and those less fortunate) conjunct his Natal Saturn (discipline, restraint, careful expansion). So this may be a Conservative administration which may surprise some people with it depth of understanding and desire to tackle social, as well as economic issues.

There is a clue in Mr Camerons chart about the surprising nature of his approach for a Conservative politician. This comes from his Natal Saturn being in the flexible Pisces, opposite Uranus in the exacting Virgo - lending an almost forensic grasp of detail but also a scientific bent. This may not have been obvious on the stump, but there is likely to be a certain informality, which people may grow to like. This won`t be sofa government, like Tony Blair`s leadership, but a desire to rid the system of some of the petty tribalism which has proliferated in the past. It`s also a clue of why the terms of reference of the coalition, have even come about. There would seem to be a subtle rebelliousness, but one which can lead to some very imaginative ideas.

Politic`sis of course, a brutal business. Andunder the relentless spotlight of 24/7 News Analysis, this is probably going to be a verybumpyjourney. However, because expectations aresolow, this may be Mr Cameron`s Trump Card.

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