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Daily News27-06-2010
Queen of Pop, Madonna...
Queen of Pop, Madonna`s image is as integral to her music, just as the songs themselves. Therefore it is no surprise that the Singer of `Dress you up, `Material Girl` and `Vogue` has launched a joint fashion venture with her daughter, Lourdes. The teen `Material Girl` collection, is debuting at `Macy`s` department store, leaving `Madonna and Child` trading dance-floor for catwalk! Born under the creative Sign of Leo, Madonna craves the limelight, coupled with Leo Uranus keeping her finger on the pulse. However, it is as much her sharp entrepreneurial skills as her talent, which has kept her in this limelight. For with the Moon and Pluto amongst other planets in analytical Virgo, she keenly tunes into the public mood, continually evolving. Moving to New York pursuing a modern dance career, it was not long before Madonna embraced pop music, inspired by the club scene. Soon she released her debut album, spawning classic tracks such as `Holiday`. However, even from the beginning she courted controversy, with Virgo planetary placements, meaning her image varies from `Like a Virgin` to harlot. While beneficial aspects between her North Node, Jupiter and Neptune make shunning societal taboos money making, backed up by a Millionaire degree Venus. Added to this, Madonna`s Gemini MC promises success in various ventures from children`s book author to record label owner, and a talent for re-invention. Therefore, with fashion she can do what she does best. Already having dipped her toe in the water with a sell out collection for `H&M`, now her daughter, affectionately named `Lola` appears to be a `showgirl` too, with signs of her mother`s style. However, a stylish Libra, it maybe Lola creating new trends. With the pair united by a Libra North Node, a partnership in fashion seems ideal, and Lola`s Libran Sun and Mercury, give her mother luck and fun daily. Present transits from Venus in Leo to Madonna`s Sun and Lola`s Mars have been driving this venture, ignited by Cardinal transits, particularly to Lola`s Aries Saturn. Therefore, suggesting it may start as a joint venture, but Lola could end up `desperately seeking conclusion`, to go it alone, becoming `Prima-Donna`!
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