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Elana Lee - Ext: 7789
As a child, Alana Lee strongly sensed `the essence` of ...
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Stevie - Ext: 7718
Stevie is an outstanding clairvoyant, psychic and ...
£1.50/min to £0.99/minute *see footer
Erris - Ext: 4297
Erris is an experienced clairvoyant who is also ...
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Ruth - Ext: 7783
Ruth has dedicated her life to using her powerful ...
£1.50/min to £0.99/minute *see footer
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Find your soul mate through your dreams...

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Passionate and fiery...

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Flowers have been used for ages to send special messages. Are your flowers saying what you think they are?...

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Your intuition is a powerful guiding force. Whether you use it often or hardly at all, here are some ways to make it even stronger....

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Hazel Ext: 7736
Hazel has been reading professionally for over thirty years. She is an ...
Amber Ext: 5500
An experienced and gifted psychic, Amber`s reading ability was evident when she ...
Neelam Ext: 7743
Neelam is an experienced Psychic Medium, who has worked with the Spirit Guides ...
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